In the crowd map of choreography in Tuscany, the territory of Siena is strongly expressing a productive activity unimaginable shortly ago. Thanks to whom, as the sisters Simona and Rosanna Cieri of the MOTUS company,work with passion since many years to impose an idea of dance that exceeds the ancient and reassuring boundaries of entertainment […] with stubborn engagement, determination and devotion they show that dance is a “traumatic” art able to investigate and also to interpret strong and sometimes difficult problems, because difficult it is life. With a clear and articulated choreographic dictionary, fed of classical language blended with contemporary influences, MOTUS declines an uncomfortable and “skinned” human comedy. It is said: art must be uncomfortable. These senesis authors seem to show us that, from now on, also in dance, it cannot be different.

Silvia Poletti

SIENA NEWS (12 December 2011)

To tell in hundred pages 20 years of activity of a dance theatre company that has to its asset almost 70 productions, between great stagings and short performances, this is the challenge that has picked up Andrea Mancini, director, author, essayist of theatre and teacher of iconography of theatre at the Siena University. The expedient […]

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LA NAZIONE (24 November 2011)

‘Tell me what you eat’ is the show planning on Saturday 26 at 21,15 at the Rinnovati Theatre, with which the dance company Motus observes the actual historical moment from the perspective of the feeding. The choreographies by simona cieri and the sript by Rosanna Cieri paint the portrait of a contradictory world devoted to […]

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SIENAFREE.IT (23 November 2011)

………a real reflection, through the choreutical art, to stimulate the audiences to a taking of consciousness on a theme of great actuality as the food…………………

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IL PARERE.NET (12 December 2011)

………VENTI DI MOTUS receives contributions of critics, artists and operators such as Claudio Ascoli, Sissi Abbondanza,Marcello Flores, Manuela Kustermann, Massimo Paganelli, Mauro Pagani, Donatella Pollini, Gabriele Rizza and it is  enriched by a considerable original photographic gallery  that goes over the many performances again . The photographs are by Carlo Pennatini and by the photographers […]

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OKSIENA (11 November 2011)

‘Food for the mind’ is the conference that took place today afternoon in the foyer of the Rinnovati Theatre. The appointment, organized by the dance company Motus and realized with the support of the Siena Municipality and the Region, belongs to the initiatives of the pact for the rearrangement of the theatrical system of Tuscan. […]

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DRAMMA.IT (November 2011)

‘Tell me what you eat’is the show in national first night Saturday 26 at 21,15 at the Rinnovati Theatre, with which the dance company Motus observes, with irony and lucidity, the actual historical moment from the particular perspective of feeding, as the meaningful summary to pursue some condition of provvisoriety in the contemporary societies. The […]

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L’INFORMATORE (November 2011)

…………. Through the choreographies by Simona Cieri, the Motus photograph with extraordinary lucidity the contrasting reality  of obesity and hunger, of anorexia and bulimia, while the quality of food is every day more uncertain, and a real cultural revolution makes always necessary. But despite the photo shows a little encouraging image of the present, the […]

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IL CITTADINO ON LINE (7 November 2011)

‘Food for the mind: the culture that promotes the healthy alimentary habits – a conference in the foyer of Rinnovati promoted by the dance company Motus’ The Motus company organizes the next 11 November at 17,30 a public meeting from the title ‘Food for the mind’, that will take place in the foyer of the […]

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The Vascello Theatre reopens for the new season and he does it in the best of the ways: to inaugurate the new year is “Della tua carne”, danced by the Motus Company with the choreographies of Simona Cieri……………….. To kill is an action of a long series of violations of the human dignity, a real […]

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PRISMANEWS.NET (2 October 2011)

The show of dance theatre entitled “Della tua carne” becomes spokesman of the man right to live, in “every” case, inviting the spectator to a deep reflection on the absurdity of the capital punishment……………… Performed the last first October to the Vascello Theatre in Roma by the Motus Company of Siena, the show “Della tua […]

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