In the crowd map of choreography in Tuscany, the territory of Siena is strongly expressing a productive activity unimaginable shortly ago. Thanks to whom, as the sisters Simona and Rosanna Cieri of the MOTUS company,work with passion since many years to impose an idea of dance that exceeds the ancient and reassuring boundaries of entertainment […] with stubborn engagement, determination and devotion they show that dance is a “traumatic” art able to investigate and also to interpret strong and sometimes difficult problems, because difficult it is life. With a clear and articulated choreographic dictionary, fed of classical language blended with contemporary influences, MOTUS declines an uncomfortable and “skinned” human comedy. It is said: art must be uncomfortable. These senesis authors seem to show us that, from now on, also in dance, it cannot be different.

Silvia Poletti

LA NAZIONE (21 November 2012)

‘Culture and catastrophe’ the subject of the meeting today at 5.30 pm to the Foyer of Rinnovati Theatre in Siena. A public meeting organized by Motus to reflect about how a catastrophe can change in a rebirth. At the meeting are participating Raffaele Morabito (L’Aquila University), Roberto Venuti (Siena University), Orlando Paris (Siena University), Antonio […]

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LA NAZIONE (16 November 2012)

Tomorrow night in the Rinnovati Theatre at 21.15 ‘Tell me where you hide yourself’, the first night of the last production of Motus Company, that reflects about the inner sense of the catastrophe. For how long does a disaster remain alive in the community thoughts ? How much can it modify behaviours, conducts, social relationships […]

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LA NAZIONE (11 October 2012)

After Singapore, the Italian tour of Motus Company leaves again. They will put on scene the show ‘Crash.’ A performance of extraordinary stage impact…….. tomorrow at 22 in the Theatre ‘The Masks’ of Arzano (Naples) within Ra.i.d. then in Rome, Saturday 13 October to the Cultural Center Elsa Morante inside the festival ‘ineuroff.’………

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LA NAZIONE (30 September 2012)

Dance in the Aula Magna, up the curtain to the Universiy for the season of Dotline – It takes away tomorrow, with a show in the Aula Magna of the University, the new season of Dotline, the only Italian project of production, promotion, planning of the contemporary dance. To open the curtain it is the […]

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SIENAFREE.IT (29 September2012)

Today a public meeting developed with the Odyssey Dance Theatre Company of singapore……………….. Danny tan – one of the most important choreographers of the world -reached Siena to participate with the company that he directs – the Odyssey Dance Theatre of Singapore to Move off – the contemporary dance review created by Motus in collaboration […]

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LA NAZIONE (25 September 2012)

Singapore is calling Siena. An ambitious international project of artistic collaboration between Motus Company of Siena directed by Simona Cieri and the Odyssey Dance Theatre Company of Singapore of the choreographer Danny Tan….. A busy program of appointment that is starting on Saturday at 11.30 in the Aurora Hall of the Province Palace, in Duomo […]

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SIENA NEWS (10 September 2012)

The Sienafestival is born, a manifestation of performing arts in Siena. – The first edition of Sienafestival was presented this morning to the Aurora Hall in the Government Palace, this is a new festival of performing arts, that will take place from 22 September to 14 October 2012, in many different places in the city […]

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THE STRAITS TIMES (4 September 2012)

Countries come together for dance – Korean, Italian and Singaporean dancers assemble for Forte In Resonance, a collaboration among Singapore’s Odyssey Dance Theatre and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Kim Nam Sick Dance Troupe from South Korea and Simona Cieri of Italian dance troupe Motus.

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TEATRO.ORG (4 September 2012)

Danny Tan and his Odyssey Dance Theatre Company of Singapore are the guests of Motus Company of Siena………From Singapore to Siena, contemporary dance is speaking the same language. From the meeting of MOTUS of Simona and Rosanna Cieri and one of the most reliable dance companies of Asia, the Odyssey Dance Theatre Company Singapore of […]

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On Thursday 16 August at 21.30 the MOTUS company will show ‘CRASH’a performance between contemporary dance and theatre………. ‘Crash’ tells about the real cultural disaster that threatens our country togehter with the crisis of the economical system and that risks to delete the history and the memory of a nation, ¬†increasing the sense of precariouseness…..A […]

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