In the crowd map of choreography in Tuscany, the territory of Siena is strongly expressing a productive activity unimaginable shortly ago. Thanks to whom, as the sisters Simona and Rosanna Cieri of the MOTUS company,work with passion since many years to impose an idea of dance that exceeds the ancient and reassuring boundaries of entertainment […] with stubborn engagement, determination and devotion they show that dance is a “traumatic” art able to investigate and also to interpret strong and sometimes difficult problems, because difficult it is life. With a clear and articulated choreographic dictionary, fed of classical language blended with contemporary influences, MOTUS declines an uncomfortable and “skinned” human comedy. It is said: art must be uncomfortable. These senesis authors seem to show us that, from now on, also in dance, it cannot be different.

Silvia Poletti

LA NAZIONE (8 December 2004)

A complex production that presents, with a fairy flavor, a topical problem, the situation of countries overwhelmed by the war. Currently very close to us as that one of ex-iugoslavia. … In the end it is a story of a journey. A journey of some strange characters to the new shoes market, symbol of the […]

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LA REPUBBLICA (4 December 2004)

War, mines, mourning of survivors. To all this is dedicated “The neighbours”, the show of the Motus company, directed by the choreographer Simona Cieri, where some different fantastic characters create a contemporary tale, without any happy ending.

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CORRIERE DELLA SERA (4 December 2004)

Modern fairy tales does not have happy endings. It happens when a strange group of miserable join to follow the expectation of a better future in a land of toys called the “new shoes market”, they end to resemble too much to the stowaways that land on our shores aboard dinghies. This is the bitter […]

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LA NAZIONE (21 September 2004)

The Motus company from Siena, directed by Simona Cieri, is the guest at the International Festival Teatarfest of Sarajevo, where they present “Slaves”…“Slaves” is performed at the Youth Theatre in Sarajevo…then the company will be involved in debates and workshops. After the tour in New York last July, the presence of Motus at the International […]

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LA NAZIONE (23 August 2004)

Thalassa, directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri, is a journey through the Mediterranean and his contradictions. A sea between lands, a wave that units and separates… Mediterranean for the Cieri sisters is a “border area, place of meeting and violent conflict between cultures”. The core of the dancing performance is diversity of the many cultures […]

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IL TIRRENO (22 August 2004)

Porto S.Stefano. A program dedicated entirely to dance, tonight, at the festival Airs of sea. …  At the end the Motus Company presents “Migrants”. … In the company creations ethic and social commitment becomes poetry, symbol and irony language.  The subject on the stage is the  port. An humanity in balance.

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LA NAZIONE (24 July 2004)

Dancing against child labour. To awake the public opinion in child labour through a dance show. This is the aim of “Slaves”, the show of the Motus company from Siena (Choreographer Simona Cieri), has been chosen by the UNICEF as a testimonial of the campaign for the little workers education.

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Back from the tournée in the USA, the Motus company will have a stop in Calenzano next Saturday, on the San Niccolò Square stage they will present “Slaves” … a denunciation about the perverse weave of economy, culture and violence that dominate the new human oppression mechanisms.

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The Motus company from Siena will be in New York invited by the Boces Cultural Art Center, the art school established in Long Island. At the Seymour Weiner Theatre the Motus company performs “Slaves” a work about children exploitation chosen by the UNICEF as a testimonial of the campaign for the little workers education. Apart […]

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