In the crowd map of choreography in Tuscany, the territory of Siena is strongly expressing a productive activity unimaginable shortly ago. Thanks to whom, as the sisters Simona and Rosanna Cieri of the MOTUS company,work with passion since many years to impose an idea of dance that exceeds the ancient and reassuring boundaries of entertainment […] with stubborn engagement, determination and devotion they show that dance is a “traumatic” art able to investigate and also to interpret strong and sometimes difficult problems, because difficult it is life. With a clear and articulated choreographic dictionary, fed of classical language blended with contemporary influences, MOTUS declines an uncomfortable and “skinned” human comedy. It is said: art must be uncomfortable. These senesis authors seem to show us that, from now on, also in dance, it cannot be different.

Silvia Poletti

IL CAMPO (10 February 2001)

“…… WONDERFUL THE APHRODITE……… the show is inserted into the original line of thought that characterizes this company…as Aphrodite is the splendid Simona Cieri, endowed with an expressive intensity and a admirable plasticity, a really successful evocative of velvet atmospheres………… everything is a completion of the choreography bySimona Cieri, where the pure lines of the […]

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IL MESSAGGERO (January 2001)

“TONIGHT THE MOTUS DANCE COMPANY PRESENTS “AFRODITE IMPRIGIONATA”…Aphrodite…is the world soul, the woman who governs the sensible world …she is the beauty that creates wonder and the place where everything smiles…”

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