OKSIENA (11 November 2011)

‘Food for the mind’ is the conference that took place today afternoon in the foyer of the Rinnovati Theatre. The appointment, organized by the dance company Motus and realized with the support of the Siena Municipality and the Region, belongs to the initiatives of the pact for the rearrangement of the theatrical system of Tuscan. A project, this one of Motus, that, once more, it underlines the capacity of the company to succeed, with the universal body language, to treat matters of actuality and of social impact. An artistic research that for a long time has countersigned the capacities of conceptual elaboration of the dancer and choreographer Simona Cieri and of her sister Rosanna, author of the texts.
To open the meeting, that precedes the representation ‘Tell me what you eat’, planned to the Rinnovati on November 26, the regard of the alderman to culture Lucia Cresti. Then it took part Franco Cioni, strategy director unicoop partners of Firenze, on the quality of food. Donatella Cinelli Colombini, deputy president of the consortium of the Brunello of Montalcino, about the importance of an excellent wine in a territory of Unesco patrimony. Mariella Bussolati (Network Libere Rape Metropolitane) has treated, instead, the theme Community garden: to cultivate people, cultivating the city. The Italian and European experiences.
Still about food: good, clean and correct the contribution of Marco Minetto, national adviser of Slow Food Tuscan; of Leonilda Giusti, Tuscan medical association for Study and Research in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Human sciences, about Feed the mind; and food, body and subject: a biopolitical reflection edited by Armando Cutolo of Siena University (Department of historical-social and philosophical studies). Conclusive interventions of Martina Ciabatti, Lorena Cosimi and Laura Verga from the filled up Valle Theatre of Roma.<<Motus is one of our ‘historical’ Companies in residence – as Donatella Pollini underlines in the end – today it has given life to a meeting of particular interest, rich of ideas and reasons on which reflecting and it was beautiful and meaningful that everything developed here, in a theatre, because the essence itself of this place is food for the mind.>>. <<Our theatre – he continued -is that in particular way, because here civil history and culture mix and they melt themselves for many centuries. Here there was “food for the mind” from the XVI century. The theatre was born, in fact, in 1560, but from the second part of 1300 it was a place of an extraordinary historical and civil importance for the Siena Republic, becuase here the People Council met him. The sincere wish is that it could continue to be still, for long time, a space to feed the spirit, above all for the young generations>>.

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