Rendez-vous Coproductionwith Comune di Tuzla (Bosnia Erzegovina) Produced in collaboration with Provincia di Siena Alexander Langer Foundation and Tuzlanska Amica with the support of Regione Toscana, Comune di Siena and Monte dei Paschi di Siena Meeting does not mean to be in the same place at the same time or just  to talk with somebody […]

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Iris sotto il mare

Iris under the sea Iris is flying under the sea and her long black hair flows like weightless seaweed moved by the waves. Iris is suspended in a Chagall painting, between anemones and fishes. The fate of those women who never reached the other shore, lost in the deep blue just before the arrival, are […]

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In assenza di Dio

  IN GOD ABSENCE In God Absence is not a philosophical work, but above all a clear admission of responsibility. In the current historical period, the threat of revival religious fanaticism looks even more dangerous than the political fanaticism. Old dogma and religious salvation come back (with their brigth promises of eternal happiness for the […]

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Limits   We are playing with our future. For a long time it has been assumed that the progress in science and technique could have brought to a development without limits. Also those who well understood the limits of growth were unable to avoid the logic of industry. The discussion has been always oriented to […]

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BORDERS   A line, between two fields, a fence or a simple stone row. A sign of both end and beginning of land. A limit for a known place where the history of women and men continues and grows, from generation to generation. A border line signs a territory and defines a Nation (from the […]

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  AQVA was awarded with the International Prize TEATARFEST 2006. One billion and 100 million people, i.e. 1/6 of the world population, live without potable water Household machines and taps are incumbent with their cumbersome wastes. Inundations and landslides denounce the bad management of territories. The Greenhouse effect, with its dangerous global warming process, is affecting […]

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I vicini di casa

I vicini di casa (The neighbours) is a travel story. The Neighbours is a fairy tail. Strange characters appear on stage, with a common history of poverty and desperation. They decide to flee from their country to reach “the market of new shoes”. This market is a symbol of hope. It is the place where […]

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SLAVES The new global economy has generated a monster: the slavery from debt. A perverse mixture of economy, culture and violence dominates the mechanisms of the new human abuse. Once banished as crimes the criteria of race and religion, that in the past allowed a part of humanity to enslave, the modern society, based on […]

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Il dono del tempo

THE GIFT OF TIME “These things are a gift of time. For this reason, instead of being afraid of it, we would need to venerate it. It is not an enemy of our most beautiful joys, and every day it can reserve us a surprise. Maybe, one morning, time will give back us, even increased, […]

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Di terra e d’aria

MADE OF GROUND AND AIR Ground is birth and corporeity. Air is flight and dream. Opposite elements. The first means concreteness , while the second is a whish. From the ground man builds his home, but he raises it to the sky, place of air. With ground he delimits sections of irregular space confining the […]

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