In the crowd map of choreography in Tuscany, the territory of Siena is strongly expressing a productive activity unimaginable shortly ago. Thanks to whom, as the sisters Simona and Rosanna Cieri of the MOTUS company,work with passion since many years to impose an idea of dance that exceeds the ancient and reassuring boundaries of entertainment […] with stubborn engagement, determination and devotion they show that dance is a “traumatic” art able to investigate and also to interpret strong and sometimes difficult problems, because difficult it is life. With a clear and articulated choreographic dictionary, fed of classical language blended with contemporary influences, MOTUS declines an uncomfortable and “skinned” human comedy. It is said: art must be uncomfortable. These senesis authors seem to show us that, from now on, also in dance, it cannot be different.

Silvia Poletti

LA NAZIONE (13 October 2007)

“One hour of intense show, video and movements that weave them in an artistic game between reality and imagination…….. the Limits are those of social respect, of non reproducible resources, getting more poor in a near future loosing what today we waste. The obstacles – these artists tell – are also other behaviors, according to […]

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CORRIERE DI SIENA (11 October 2007)

” … opening the theatre season, Limits,last production of the MOTUS company from Siena…Dance and video weave them once more, also recreating a fantastic atmosphere thanks to the creation of a stage design where the dancers totally swallowed by. To translate in images of dance very complex concepts as the world energetic budget and the […]

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IL CORRIERE (22 August 2007)

“In Borders the choice of the combined use of media, which already allowed the company to be awarded the International Prize Teatarfest, has undergone a further evolution….. in fact the choreography of Simona Cieri is interpreted by five dancers that multiply themselves conversing with theirs virtual counterparts…”

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” …the poetic narration passes from unreal and fantastic settings to real situations, in continuous counterpoint, to build a rhythm which turnes on the attention of the spectator, using the “coup de thèâtre” too. In BORDERS the choice of the combined use of media creates an overlap among the virtual images of the dancers on […]

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CORRIERE DELLA SERA (17 February 2007)

“BORDERS is the most recent proposal of the Motus dance company…. The style which countersigns this company is a complex language, structured on expressions in continuous comparison with communicative forms using body movements as well as the voices, always disclosed toward the social engagement that they pursue through denunciation.”

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