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Call for Application Move Off Winter 2020 for Young Choreographers

Call for Application Move Off Winter 2020 for Young Choreographers Application Deadline: January 10, 2020. MOTUS, international contemporary dance company supported by the Tuscany Region, with artistic residencies in Italy and abroad, selects 2 young choreographers (under 35) for the Move Off Festival. The productions will be included in the program of the International Dance […]

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Still We Dream

STILL WE DREAM A MOTUS co-production  for the Choreografic Residency Project 2019 Can society’s perceptions change? “Still We Dream” brings on the scene the pressures and stigmas from society   In a hybrid form of dance physically pushing the performers limits,the piece explores the frailty of the human form and the power of relationships through […]

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INTERFERENZE (Interference)

In physics, “interference” means the interaction between two or more waves, while in the political terminology the same word indicates the abuse of power of an authority in a particular field. In linguistic, “interference” is the overlap of a new meaning of a word among the original one. Therefore, through the mechanism of interference each […]

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Move Off Spring Festival, 2019 Edition, organized by MOTUS in collaboration with Comune di Castelnuovo Berardenga starts on 13 April. The festival will continue until the 11 of May and will host italian and international companies, focusing on the young choreographer of the “Artistic Residency Project” of the MOTUS Company. Program 13 April 2019 at […]

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