INTERFERENZE (Interference)

In physics, “interference” means the interaction between two or more waves, while in the political terminology the same word indicates the abuse of power of an authority in a particular field. In linguistic, “interference” is the overlap of a new meaning of a word among the original one.

Therefore, through the mechanism of interference each language changes and, as such, it reflects the changes occurring in the society. This is currently happening also in the contemporary world where, from different sites signals and interferences arise to modify the supposed quite routine of the western countries.

Choreography  Martina Agricoli
Subject Rosanna Cieri
Dancers Martina Agricoli, André Alma, Filippo Di Crosta, Ilaria Frantantuono, Roberta Morello, Mattia Solano
Music Various authors
Direction Rosanna and Simona Cieri

Photos by Carlo Pennatini

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