“Still We Dream” by the Just Us Dance Company closes the eleventh edition of Move Off Festival

Third and last appointment of Move Off Spring 2019

Festival in Castelnuovo Berardenga

An appointment not to be missed for the final event of Move Off Spring 2019,the international contemporary dance festival organized by MOTUS in collaboration with the Comune di Castelnuovo Berardenga.

Saturday, May 11 at 9:30 p.m., the stage of the Teatro Vittorio Alfieri will host the première of “Still We Dream”, new show created by the Just Us Dance Company (United Kingdom) and co-produced by MOTUS in the frame of the Choreographic Residencies Project 2019.

Choreographed by Joseph Toonga, on music by Michael Mikey J. Assante, and performed by Ricardo Da Silva, Monique Humphreys and Joseph Toonga, the show was created during the artistic residency of the Just Us Company at the Centro Internazionale d’Arte in Siena.

“Still We Dream” brings on the scene the social pressures and stigmatizations, trying to answer the question: “The perception of society can change?”

In a hybrid form of dance physically pushing the performers limits,the piece explores the frailty of the human form and the power of relationships through intricate duets and highly physical, emotive unison phrases. Through dark, grimy, graceful, free-flowing, animalistic, expressive movement, blurring the lines of hip-hop and contemporary dance to bring to life these dreams.

Just Us Dance Theatre was founded in 2007 by artists Joseph Toonga, Ricardo Da Silva and Rudeen February who shared a passion for Hip-Hop dance, physical theatre, contemporary Dance and Spoken Word. They were fascinated with the rawness, compactness and precision that Hip-Hop provides and how they can fuse it with the shaping and structure more commonly used in contemporary choreography. These are used as tools to give the company its unique expressive style, creating a unique movement vocabulary relating to a widely varied audience. The work involves nothing too clever or complex but great depth in meaning and performance, creating accessible pieces appealing to audiences outside of dance as well as in dance.

The event will end with “work-in-progress” by the MOTUS Company: a fragmented and complex work, which addresses the issue of communication. Choreographed by Simona Cieri and directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri,the show is performed by the dancers Martina Agricoli, André Alma, Ilaria Fratantuono, Roberta Morello and Mattia Solano, on music by various authors.

Ticket price is € 10,00.

For informations and reservations: info@motusdanza.it or +39 0577 286980.

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