ARCH is a coproduction MOTUS/Teatro della Comunità

in the frame of the MOTUS Project “Artistic Residency”

At a first site, this is a genesis of human kind. Two women on stage celebrate an ancient/modern ritual. Their lives, their bodies, shaped by daily work, marked by time and at the same time fresh for their youth, tell our story with their games, their hugs, their struggles with shadows and reflections …. the four seasons of life are there.

Reproducing on stage the archetype of Woman, from ancient times to nowadays, they tell the power of Woman in the world. Mothers and children, the birth and his mystery. Woman is seen as a mythological hero, bearing the pains of childbirth as those of the soldier during a battle.

Catching the suspended instant, the poetical moment, the precise instant before the action starts. Everything can happen: a kiss, a touch, a punch …. The lack of knowledge marks the difference, induces tension, interest, curiosity. In our life, no action is similar to another since the thinking before it is always different.

Have I the feeling to fly with you?


Choreography  Tanya Khabarova and Lidia Kopina
Music various authors
Dance Tanya Khabarova and Lidia Kopina


Photos by Carlo Pennatini

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