produced by MOTUS

with the support of Regione Toscana


«A people that has no memory has no future»

Luis Sepulveda

Photo by Caterina Di Perri

Memory aggregates, it is the glue that keeps generations together, memory is the basis of history and civilization. Memory often changes depending on the shape and contexts. Arrogance and manipulation can attenuate, veil and even redirect memory with the aim to remove individual and collective responsibilities, supported by widespread ignorance. And this is why memory must be preserved and cared every day as a shared resource of mankind.

“After the Second World War, solemn declarations, such as the UN Charter and the Chart of Human Rights, marked an irreversible watershed. Since then, another story has been invoked, demanded and made possible. But it has to bemaintained every day. The memory of what has to be avoided, is the foundation of the new. It is a common good of humanity. Before memory, humanity didn’t exist. Now, with the jealous care of this good, a seed is guarded. Human solidarity can take place and bear fruits. It can enforce principles and give equal dignity,translating into active participation and values what for billions of individuals was – and still is – hope.”   Giuseppe Cotturri



Concept and writing

Rosanna Cieri

Choreography           Simona Cieri
Music  various authors

Martina Agricoli, Paloma Biagioli, Giovanni Consoli, Roberta  Morello, Mattia Solano

Technical Assistance

Giampaolo Loddo


Micol Viti

Press office Greta Sartarelli
Directed by    Rosanna e Simona Cieri

MOTUS with the support of Regione Toscana

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