New 2015  edition of Move Off Festival, organized by MOTUS in collaboration with Comune di Castelnuovo Berardenga and with Comune di Siena.
The news, this year,  is represented by the transformation of the Festival from a “fixed location festival” to a “moving festival” and by the introduction of live music as a main characteristic of the performances, thanks to the MOTUS collaboration with musicians and composers of international level.





2 May 

In the beautiful scenery of the Dievole Farm, in Vagliagli (Chianti area) ” DANCING WINE” is a site-specific performance of the MOTUS Company with live music of the composers Francesco Petreni and Roberto  Nannetti.

To these artistic ingredients the event will add great food and wine, with a dinner-themed aperitif of the most authentic Tuscan dishes and a tasting of the excellent wines produced in Dievole.


microsoft-word-bozzetto-move-off-2015-shock-the-monk-copia9 May

The Festival moves to the Teatro Alfieri, with a premiere in which music improvisation and dance meet for a Thelonious Monk celebration , one of the most beloved masters of jazz history. “SHOCK THE MONK” is the name of the trio of musicians (Jacopo Rossi, guitar, Riccardo Cardazzo, battery, Andrea De Donato, bass) that gives the title to the evening that is aimed to satisfy even the most difficult musical experts.



saluti16 May

A great national event at the Teatro Alfieri .

DANIELE SEPE and MOTUS together presenting for the first time the show “TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME – LIVE” with entirely live music performed by the Neapolitan composer and his quartet.

Daniele Sepe,  composer of the original music of the show, never performed live together with the MOTUS Company before .

For this event, which promises to be a great concert in dance, reservations are already coming from all over Italy. Who does not want to miss this great opportunity, can book a ticket by writing to

From 8 to 13 June

dance, music, exhibitions, workshops and meetings for the Europe-Asia project


Continues this year the project of exchanges and meetings with Asian culture made in Siena thanks to the international cooperation of the MOTUS company with the Odyssey Dance Theatre L.t.d. (one of the most important cultural organizations in Asia based in Singapore) and the support of the City of Siena. A collaboration that involves for the first time other organizations and cultural associations of the territory as the Institute of Musical Studies “Rinaldo Franci”, “Didee” Cultural Association for Art and the “Casa là” Farm Gallery, in a week full of events which is part of the initiatives for Siena Capital of Culture 2015.

A lot of activities are included in the program from  8 to 13 June: laboratories, workshops, master classes, open rehearsals, exhibitions, meetings, performances, shows, and an exhibition invading the city center with young artists’ works “adopted” by many shops supporting the project “Adopt an artist.”

In addition to the widespread activities, all the protagonists of the project will be presented to the public on June 10 at 9:00 p.m. at the Rozzi theater with a show that is hosting the first international co-productions “9th Element” by Odyssey Dance Theatre and “I-TAGLIA -TI ” by MOTUS.

Before the show, at 8:00 p.m., in the foyer of  Rozzi Theatre ,  the exhibition “Indifference” will be presented.

The program includes also one  concert of Benedetta Bucci (viola), Cesare Pierozzi (oboe), Filippo Barbagli  (oboe),  Samuele  Favata (English horn),  young talents from”Rinaldo Franci” Conservatory.

Furthermore the show “Dis-ordered” of the young students and young dancers of the International Art Centre, will be presented.





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