Sostantivo Plurale

When changes oblige us to look things from a different perspective, when new arrivals force us to new ideas, when induced fears could take over rationality, our duty is to fight against mediocrity. To be successful, we have to use strong and sophisticated “weapons”, the only ones that can be inclusive and able to embrace.


Photo Greta Sartarelli

Changes occurring in our societies are strongly affecting the way of thinking, the social inhabits and even the organization of the western countries. New fears arise and attempts to go back to a closed world are increasing in the common mentality. The only instrument able to drive the changing societies in the right direction and to prevent conflicts is Culture. In this sense, Culture becomes an opportunity for development and it can be the catalyst for a new resistance to barbarism and to widespread ignorance.


Photo Carlo Pennatini


Culture is not a unique thing, blocked and immutable, but something changing during the time, it is the result of the richness of various cultural influences that have been inducing changes during the centuries.



Coreography Simona Cieri
Concept Rosanna Cieri
Music various authors
Dancers Martina Agricoli, Andrè Alma, Ilaria Fratantuono,
Simona Gori, Mattia Solano
Directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri



Photos Carlo Pennatini

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