“Sostantivo Plurale”, the show of the MOTUS Company about the value of culture

The dance of the MOTUS Company at the Casa delle Culture e della Musica in Velletri

Sostantivo Plurale”, the show of  the MOTUS Company

about the value of culture

On Sunday, September, 22 at 6:00 pm, in the framework f the 89th Festa dell’Uva, dei Vini e del territorio Città di Velletri, the Casa delle Culture e della Musica (Piazza Trento e Trieste, Velletri, Italy) will be invaded by contemporary dance, which will interact with the ancient architectures, inviting citizens to rediscover the places that surround them.

For the opening of the contemporary dance festival “Paesaggi del corpo”,  organized by the Atacama Company in collaboration with Comune di Velletri, MOTUS will present a solo extracted from the show“Sostantivo Plurale”, performed by Simona Cieri, Choreographer and Artistic Director of the Company.

The work, produced by the Company with the support of the Tuscany Region, highlight the essential value of Culture, as a result of multiple and different influences , constantly changing and continuously contaminating. Infact, Culture is neither static or univoque, it transforms changes into opportunities and, for those reasons, it is the only weapon that could contrast mediocrity and prevent the new conflicts.

The performance, choreographed by Simona Cieri and directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri, will share the stage with the other site-specific works of the Atacama Company and Uscite di Emergenza.

Free entrance.

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