“SOSTANTIVO PLURALE” by MOTUS at the Pieve in Ponte allo Spino (Sovicille, Italy)

Thursday, July 6, 2017 is the start date for the dance program of the Sovicille Summer Festival


at  Pieve in Ponte allo Spino

On Thursday, July 6, the magic setting of  Pieve in Ponte allo Spino will be animated by the good dance, with the performance “Sostantivo Plurale” by MOTUS.
The show is the opening of the dance program of Sovicille Summer Festival, organized  by Comune di Sovicille in collaboration with Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus and supported by Banca CRAS.
The show presented by  MOTUS at 9.30 pm emphasizes the plurality of cultures: Culture is not a singular noun, because Culture is not a single entity, fixed and immutable, but the result of multiple and various influences, continuously changing and contaminating over time. For this reason the performance wants to underline the poetry of one of the most beautiful historical-architectural sites of which the region is rich.
Through its peculiar style of civil dance, the MOTUS Company analyzes the changes occurring in contemporary society that are affecting ways of thinking, social habits, and even the organization of western countries. MOTUS suggests that Culture is and will remain the only instrument able to show the right direction, to prevent new conflicts and to create development opportunities. Finally, Culture is the only instrument able to resist against barbarism and ignorance.
The show, performed by Veronica Abate, Martina Agricoli, Andrè Alma, Simona Gori and Mattia Solano, on choreography by Simona Cieri and direction by Rosanna and Simona Cieri, ironizes on clichés, stereotypes and manipulations of Culture.
The show is at free entrance. For information: +39 0577049253  or persona@comune.sovicille.si.it

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