The Italian tour of the MOTUS show ‘AdiversodaB’ continues

A show about differences tours Italy to denounce all kinds of discrimination

The national tour of the show “A ≠ B (AdiversodaB)” of the MOTUS Company continues.

Just returned from Germany, where the company presented the show “PIA” in the review “#DALVIVO IN ESTATE”, promoted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin, MOTUS leave again for Formia, where Tuesday, August 24, the show “A≠B (AdiversodaB)” is on stage at the Archaeological Area Caposele, in the billboard of the Festival of Teatri d’Arte Mediterranei.

After Lazio, the show arrives in Basilicata, on 27 August in Piazza Zecchetin in Villa d’Agri. The event is part of the cultural, art and entertainment festival organised by the Marsicovetere municipal administration.

“A≠B (AdiversodaB)” is an energetic, expressive and at times ironic contemporary dance performance that addresses the issue of diversity, questioning the concepts of equality and fairness, to denounce that too often, quoting Orwell, “everyone is equal but someone is more equal than others”.

“A≠B”, with choreography by Simona Cieri (assistant choreographer Martina Agricoli) and direction by Rosanna and Simona Cieri, uses the Company’s distinctive choreographic style to emphasise that diversity is a wealth, to be protected and enhanced.

The show, performed by Martina Agricoli, Paloma Biagioli, Filippo Di Crosta, Ilaria Fratantuono, Roberta Morello and Mattia Solano, is produced with the support of the Regione Toscana, and in both stages will be preceded by a meeting with the public and a workshop by the choreographer Simona Cieri.

The events are part of the A-LIKE project, dedicated to the creation of a national campaign to raise awareness against all forms of discrimination, supported by funds from the Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese, which, after Emilia, Tuscany, Latium and Basilicata, will continue in the coming months with stages in other Italian regions.

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