MOVE OFF Spring 2017

Launch of the Move-Off Festival at the  Alfieri Theatre in Castelnuovo Berardenga 

Live music, dance and photography
with MOTUS in the Spring edition of MOVE OFF

It starts Sunday, March 26 the 2017 Spring edition of MOVE OFF festival , organized by MOTUS in collaboration with  Castelnuovo Berardenga Municipality. Three unmissable events at Alfieri Theatre in Castelnuovo, that include a Regional Première and a National Première.
Given the success of previous editions with “Notes on Motus”, the Company proposes a multidisciplinary approach. This year, dance and live music, however, also combine the visual arts, in collaboration with the German-Italian cultural association KultSi.
The first event, Sunday, March 26, hosts, after the national debut in Rome, the  Regional Première of the show  “UNMADE IN ITALY” full-length by MOTUS,    with Veronica Abate, Andrè Alma, Martina Agricoli, Maurizio Cannalire, Simona Gori and the young dancers Eleonora Della Torre, Ilaria Fratantuono, Mattia Solano on choreography by Simona Cieri. The show analyzes the Italian Country made of prejudices, clichés and real problems. The work is full of references and metaphors and draws the history of the country, bringing on stage what it was, what it might have been and what it becomes, without missing the analysis of the facts and dynamics leading to the current situation.
On April 1, the Festival will host “Sostantivo Plurale“, produced in collaboration with Visionaria Film Fest. The work questions the role and potentiality of Culture, a constantly changing entity, and the only instrument able of countering  the increasing mediocrity and the divisions that characterize contemporary society. Before the show, starting from 8:00 p.m.,  Alfieri Theatre hosts the Vernissage  “Finestra” of the photographer Christian Alexander Seemayer, organized by MOTUS in collaboration with the Italian-German association KultSI.
The third round, Saturday, May 6, is dedicated to the National  Première”DIS-CRIMINE”, the brand new production of MOTUS, produced in collaboration with the  composer Andrea Rellini, who will play live the original music of the show . The work is the last stage of the production project “Pre-judgment” aimed to point out how stereotypes can generate discrimination, persecution, or even genocide.




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