Move Off Festival goes online

On June, 5, 6 and 7 at 7:00 pm on the Motus Company Facebook page




Three days of international dance, as usual, for the 2020 edition of the Move Off Festival. The MOTUS Company, which created and directed the Festival for 12 years, in collaboration with Comune di Castelnuovo Berardenga and Comune di Siena, didn’t want to surrender to the pandemic, transforming the emergency in an opportunity to present the works of the guests companies of the past edition.  

“Theatres are closed and it is not possible to travel from one country to another – explains Simona Cieri, choreographer of the MOTUS Company – and it is impossible to present at the Rinnovati Theatre in Siena or at the Alfieri Theatre in Castelnuovo Berardenga the original program of the Festival, which includes international dance companies and the winner of the call for youngh choreographers. Therefore we are obliged to postpone the program to 2021. But we asked ourselves: why not present to a wide audience some of the shows of the past editions of the Festival? Thus was born the online edition of the Move Off Festival, ironically renamed “VIR-TUA-L”.

The program of the Move Off Festival online edition hosts international companies from several countries, from Germany to Russia, from Greece to Korea, from Albania to Singapore, italian dance companies and some of the MOTUS Company productions, realized in collaboration with great musician. To allow a wide audience to discover the companies which took part to the past editions of the Festival, MOTUS decided to present short video. The Festival will take place from the 5th of June to the 7th of June, everyday from 7 pm to 8 pm, on streaming on the MOTUS Company Facebook page.

All the shows will be free viewing, but the MOTUS Company asks to the spectators to participate in a survey, expressing their opinions about how they imagine the future of the performing arts after the pandemic. The survey does not claim to be exhaustive but would like to analyse how the lockdown modifies the spectators behaviours.


 June, 5, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Tanya Khabarova and Lidia Kopina (Moscow, Russia) choreography and dance

Performance “ARCH” Co-production MOTUS/Teatro della Comunità.


Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore)   Choreography: Dr. Danny Tan

Performance: “Wow! Merlion” in collaboration with the visual artist Chieu Shuey Fook.

The video clip (2.46 mins) is a trailer for a 60 minutes full-length work, presented at Singapore’s Victoria Theatre in 2015.


MOTUS  Company (Italy)    Choreography:        Simona Cieri


Co-production: Chille de la balanza- Fondazione Pavese


Just Us Company, Coreography: Joseph Toonga (London, United Kingdom) awarded with the prize “Move Off for Young Choreographers”, performance “Still we dream” co-production MOTUS.


 June, 6, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Double C Company (Wuppertal, Germany)   Choreography Chun-Hsien Wu (Taiwan).

Performance “Luftstruktur” live music: Ulrike Nahmmacher and Florence Millet – dance: Szu-Wei Wu


Iros Aggelos dancetheater Company (Athens, Greece) Choreography Petros Gallias

  • Performance “In readiness VI: Romeo + Juliet” co-production Corfù Municipal and Regional Theatre
  • Performance “Corpus Poeticus” co-production Corfù Municipal and Regional Theatre


Atacama Company (Roma, Italy) Concept, Choreography, Direction: Patrizia Cavola – Ivan Truol

  • Performance “Migranti” , words and sound on original music Sergio De Vito – Epsilon Indi.


Neo Jia Ling e Tan Li Yun Jocelyn (Singapore)  Choreography and dance Neo Jia Ling

Performance “Jiak Kantang (eating potatoes in a foreign land)

Co-produced by MOTUS for the Project “Choreografic Residency for Young Choreographers”.  Live music: Tan Li Yun Jocelyn


MOTUS  Company (Italy)    Choreography:        Simona Cieri

Performance:    “ANCORA A TEMPO” in collaboration with the musicians Francesco Petreni and Maria Laura Bigliazzi


 June, 7, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Albanian DanceTheater Company (Tirana, Albania) choreographer Gjergj Prevazi.

Reflect”, performance realized by two young choreographer and dancers Akreoma Saliu, Fjorald Doci.


MOTUS  Company (Italy)    Choreography:        Simona Cieri

Performance:    “TERZO MOVIMENTO” in collaboration with the musicians Roberto Nannetti and Renata Lacko


MOMURO MOVEMENT LAB Company (Seoul, Korea)   Choreography and dance Gayoung Lee e Kyum Ahn,  awarded with the prize “Move Off for Young Choreographers”, performance “Between”.


MOTUS  Company (Italy)    Choreography and dance:    Simona Cieri

Performance: AGES


The copyright of the shows belongs to the individual companies.

MOTUS doesn’t take any responsability for any copyright infringement.


For further information about the Move Off Festival 2020 VIR-TUA-L and about the guest companies you can write to or follow the update on the MOTUS Company Facebook page.

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