From 22 January to 2 February 2018          


Galleria Cesare Olmastroni (Palazzo Patrizi)  via di Città         

EXHIBITION “100 days of solitude” by Nidaa Badwan


Opening of the exhibition with Nidaa Badwan on 23 January at 11,00 am

12,00 am Press Conference  


Nidaa Badwan is a world-class photographer born in Abu Dhabi with Palestinian citizen. On 19 November 2013 she locked herself  in its room, where she remained twenty months to protest against the conflict Fatah-Hamas in Palestine and in Gaza Strip and for the threats received by Hamas.

In the 20 months in her room during self-imposed exile, Nidaa produced the wonderful photographic self-portraits of the exhibition “100 Days of Solitude” that is turning the world – Jerusalem, Kolding, Berlin, New York, Miami, Dubai, San Marino and some Italian cities among which Ravenna and Forte dei  Marbles.




The exhibition is organized by MOTUS in collaboration with Comune di Siena and with the support of Unicoop Firenze, Sezione Soci di Siena.


31 January 2018


Università per Stranieri di Siena Auditorium (Piazza Carlo Rosselli, 27/28) at 10,00 am



The theme of the conference is the role of culture and performing arts in promoting an economic and social renaissance. The conference will also deals with the subject of the relation between universities (and high schools) and performing arts.


From 31 January to 2 February 2018


Teatro dei Rinnovati di Siena – piazza Il Campo 1      



The Festival is at its 10 edition and it is included in the season of Rinnovati Theatre, in collaboration with Comune di Siena and Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo.

The Festival will host artists from Germany, Albania, Korea (EUROPA-ASIA Project) and United Kingdom.

At the Festival will take part also young choreographers from all over the world who applied to the call “Move Off Winter 2018  for young choreographers”.


On 2 February the MOTUS Company will present its new work “DIS-CRIMINE” with the live music of the cellist Andrea Rellini, who composed the original music of the show.




31 January at 9,15 pm     

“It’s Between Us”        –       Just Us Dance Theatre (UK)               

Winners of the the call “Move Off Winter 2018  for young choreographers”.

Choreography:                      Joseph Toonga, Dickson Mbi

Dancers:                                Joseph Toonga, Ricardo Da Silva

Music:                                    Orin Norbet, Amand Amar



“di angeli, di dei, di uomini”       –    Freies Tanz Ensemble (Germany)

Choreography and Direction: Alessio Trevisani
Dancers: Dario Bezer, Charlie Fouchier, Matteo Magnabosco, Aya Mishkelboim,

Linda Weissig, Claire Wolff.

Music: Various Authors


1 February                  at 9,15 pm     

“Between”         –          MOMURO MOVEMENT LAB (Korea)      

Winners of the the call “Move Off Winter 2018 for young choreographers” and EUROPA-ASIA Project

Choreography and Direction:     Gayoung Lee, Kyum Ahn

Dancers:                                          Gayoung Lee, Kyum Ahn

Music:                                              Johnny Ripper, Richard Rodgers



“Reflect”           –           ALBANIAN DANCETHEATER COMPANY (Albania)

Artistic Direction:                    Gjergj Prevazi

Choreography:                          Gjergj Prevazi

Dancers:                                     Akreoma Saliu, Fjorald Doci

Music mixed by:                       Glinka, Ethno music project, Inner dark Companion, Bajofondo



2 February                  at 9,15 pm     


“DIS-CRIMINE”      –         MOTUS (Italy)

Choreography: Simona Cieri
Concept: Rosanna Cieri
Live music: Andrea Rellini
Dancers: Martina Agricoli, Andrè Alma, Elisa Bartoli, Ilaria Fratantuono, Simona Gori, Mattia Solano
Directed by: Rosanna and Simona Cieri


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