“INTERFERENZE” by the MOTUS Company at the“Paesaggi del Corpo” festival

 On Sunday, October, 27, at 6.00 pm the civil dance of the MOTUS Company at Teatro Artemisio in Velletri

  “INTERFERENZE” by the MOTUS Company

at the “Paesaggi del Corpo” festival 

On Sunday, October, 27, at 6.00 p.m., the Teatro Artemisio (Via Fondi 3, Velletri) hosts the new event of the contemporary dance festival “Paesaggi del Corpo”, organized by the Atacama Company in collaboration with FONDARC Fondazione di Partecipazione Arte e Cultura Città di Velletri.

After the success of the first event of the Festival in September at the Casa delle Culture e della Musica in Velletri, the festival program continues with the Regional Premiere of the show “Interferenze” of the MOTUS Company, the first choreographic work of Martina Agricoli,  historical dancer of the Company.

The work analyses the socio-political consequences of language, taking inspiration from the concept of“interference” which, in physics, indicates the interaction between two or more different waves.  In the political terminology the same word indicates the abuse of power of an authority in a particular field, while in linguistics, “interference” indicates the overlapping of a new meaning of a word among the original one.

Therefore, through the mechanism of interference, each language changes and, as such, it reflects the changes occurring in the society.

The show “Interferenze” focuses on these themes, analyzing the political value of language, through which relations are established between things and between individuals, emphasizing the need for an individual and collective awareness.

“Interferenze”, choreographed by Martina Agricoli and directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri, is performed by Alberto Chignoli, Filippo Di Crosta, Ilaria Fratantuono, Roberta Morello, Mattia Solano and by Martina Agricoli herself.

For information about ticket prices, discounts and reservations: +39 06 96142750.

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