First event of the new season of “Aperitivi in danza” by the MOTUS Company

On Thursday, September, 26, at 8.30 pm the opening of the new season of “Aperitivi in danza” 



On Thursday, September, 26,  the Centro Internazionale d’Arte (Via Mencattelli 5/7, Siena, Italy) will host the first event of the new season of the multidisciplinary festival “Aperitivi in danza”, now  in its sixth edition.

The event will start at 8,30pm with the opening of the exhibition “Through the night” by the young artist Andrea Crezzini (Siena, 1994),  graduated in Fine Art: Painting at the UAL – University of the Arts of London. Despite his young age, Andrea Crezzini has already presented his works in an exhibition at the Museo Bellini in Firenze and his work “Senza titolo” is displayed in the permanent collection of the Museo della Contrada della Torre in Siena.

The works in “Through the night”, almost all acrylic paintings, seem to move through dichotomies: white/black, light/shadow, day/night, life/death, dream/reality. In fact, in “Through the night”, the artist leads us into a night world, obscure only on the surface. His landscapes and portraits are brightened by a lunar atmosphere, which fills the environment and enlights the more intimate and hidden aspects. Andrea Crezzini’s nights are “whites”, full of thoughts and life; the nights are the moment of artistic creation, when only silence and darkness dominate the scene, taking possession of the painter’s hand and mind and guiding them on the canvas.

After the opening of the exhibition, the MOTUS Company will present an excerpt from the show “Interferenze”, first work of the choreographer Martina Agricoli, historical dancer of the Company. The performance, which debuted in May 2019, is garnering a lot of attentions (in these days the show is on stage at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano). “Interferenze” analyzes the socio-political implications of language, taking inspiration from the concept of “interference”, and emphasizes the need for an individual and collective awareness about the political value of language.

At the end of the evening, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the artists, during the buffet.

Ticket price is € 10 (reduced € 5 ) and booking is recommended.

Informations and reservations: or  +39 0577 – 286980.

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