“AGES”: the new production of the MOTUS Company will be premiered in Singapore

From 3rd  to 7th  April the MOTUS Company flies to Singapore for the Europe-Asia Project

“AGES” : the new production of the MOTUS Company will be premiered in Singapore

The EUROPA-ASIA project by MOTUS Company, which includes exchanges and meetings with Asian culture, is continuing also in 2018, thanks to the international collaboration of the MOTUS Company with Singaporean artists and institution.

After the show of the young Korean dance company MOMERO on the stage of the Rinnovati Theatre (Siena, Italy) during the international dance festival MOVE OFF Winter, organized by the MOTUS Company, the second stage of the project will take place in Singapore in April.

The Company will be engaged from 3rd to 8th April in the Asian capital in artistic, educational and performing activities. The premiere of “AGES” will take place on 6th and 7th April on the stage of the Victoria Theater in the frame of “Xtraordinary Female Solos” Festival, organized by the Odyssey Dance Theater. The new production of the MOTUS Company, choreographed and performed by the choreographer and artistic director of the Company Simona Cieri, on concept of Rosanna Cieri, is a poetic and meaningful solos that brings on the scene the long, yet brief, space of a life, at the end of which the only thing that remains is what we have built day by day. An open book to be left for the future.

During her stay in Singapore, as usual, the choreographer Simona Cieri will also teach in master classes and contemporary dance workshops at the Aliwal Arts Center in Singapore.

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