Didactic activities managed by the MOTUS Company
take place at the International Centre of Art in Siena (Italy)

The International Centre of Art was founded in the year 2000 in Siena by Simona Cieri, choreographer of the MOTUS Company and dance teacher, who was appointed as Artistic Director.
The International Centre of Art main objectives are promotion, participation and growth of culture starting from dance and body language, as well as education and professional training of dancers and dance teachers.
The didactic activities are diversified in order to facilitate the dialogue between different disciplines and artistic expressions and to promote creativity.
One of the Centre objectives is also audience education, made through seminars, meeting, performances, conferences, exhibitions, etc. This is aimed to create occasions of debate and exchange for a wide vision of art.

Professional courses for dancers are based on Simona Cieri method, which is an original method for dance teaching protected by copyright (the method is protected by unauthorized use).
In addition, professional courses include all main dance styles from classical ballet to modern dance, from contemporary to jazz dance, supported by theatre and music.
At the end of each year a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

Non-professional courses are dedicated to those who wish to practice dance or simply want to maintain themselves in healthy conditions. Dedicated courses are in place for those who need therapeutic support.

International teachers are hosted at the International Centre of Art to teach stages and master classes in order to integrate the the routine courses.

At the International Centre of Art modular spaces are available for the didactic activities. Each room has wood floor (parquet) eventually covered by vinyl dance floor, mirrors on the walls and bars.
Audio systems with CD/DVD/MP3 reader, video systems with monitors DVD/VHS reader, video cameras, projectors, laptops are also present.

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