We would like to have an increasing audience,

but we also wish to have an audience that, through art,

wants to investigate topics which impact their lives

In addition to the artistic productions the MOTUS Company actively collaborates with other artists, associations, public and private institutions, to realize common projects.

The objectives of those projects are different according to the field of application, but can be grouped into some broad categories, usually interconnected:

  • promotion and dissemination of art
  • audience development
  • exchange between artists
  • mentoring of young professionals
  • awareness increase on specific topics, through the artistic language
  • artistic activities in the social field (project designed to contrast bullying, discrimination and violence, multicultural projects for the integration of migrants, support for disadvantaged people, equal opportunities projects, cultural welfare projects, etc..)
  • international cooperation projects

Those projects are very important to foster the creation of collaborative networks and interconnections among different subjects on common objectives, building a bridge between artists and civil society giving a higher meaning to the very idea of making art.
Particular attention is paid to schools and universities and, more generally, to all institutions involved in the education of young and very young people. These institutions often ask MOTUS for collaboration on specific projects.
Projects managed by MOTUS are carried out both in Italy and abroad.
Among the most important artistic projects in the social field and in terms of international cooperation, there are those created starting from 2003, in Bosnia Herzegovina after the Balkan War. Among these the “Moving to Peace” project, which involved for a period of over ten years, national and international associations, organizations and institutions.
On the front of the exchange between artists, there are many projects carried out or ongoing at national and international level, such as the Europe-Asia project, initiated in 2012 to promote Italian contemporary dance in Asian countries starting from Singapore, and vice versa.

All international projects provide a continuous opportunity for artistic growth and contamination.

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