“Parallel World” the film in which MOTUS and Singaporean dance become the bearers of memories

On 22 September at the Tinaia in Sovicille, the national premiere of the film

made during the pandemic in the course of the international online artistic residency



On Wednesday 22nd September, starting at 15:45, the Cultural Centre La Tinaia in Sovicille will host the national premiere of the film “Parallel World”, the first phase of the international project “Re-imagining Residency”, conceived and realised by MOTUS in collaboration with the Singaporean choreographer Susan Yeung How Wah, supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore), DanzPeople (Singapore) and the Region of Tuscany.

The numerous collaborations with Asian cultural institutions activated since 2012 by MOTUS for the multi-annual EUROPA-ASIA project have suffered a setback due to the Covid19 emergency. In order not to interrupt this precious experience and to react to the restrictions on international travel imposed by the pandemic, the Company identified new ways of international artistic collaboration. Thus was born ‘Re-imagining Residency’, an international collaborative project between contemporary choreographers and dancers in Europe and Asia, which aims to explore and expand opportunities for artistic exchange and ideas through the use of digital platforms and virtual conversations.

During the pandemic emergency, Simona Cieri and Susan Yeung, carried out the first phase of the “Re-imagining Residency” project, creating contemporary choreographies in outdoor spaces, inspired by the memory of the elderly. The choice was dictated by the fact that the elderly were the category that paid the highest price for the pandemic in terms of human lives.  This is how “Parallel World” was born, a video-dance work with choreography by Simona Cieri and Susan Yeung, directed by Rosanna Cieri and Russell Morton, with video editing by Haf Rahman and Simona Cieri. Created at the end of the period of shared digital artistic residency, through the movements of the dancers Ilaria Fratantuono, Mattia Solano, Sharul Mohammad and Lim Ming Zhi, the video work is presented to the public, both in Italy and in Singapore, together with a series of video interviews with elderly Italians and Asians, who recall the years of their youth and recall important historical periods, and the testimonies of the dancers who are the protagonists of the film. In the second phase of the project, which will be launched in 2022, there will be in-person performances and tours in Europe and Asia.

The national premiere screening of “Parallel World”, realised in collaboration with the Municipality of Sovicille, will be preceded by a meeting with the public, in which the Singaporean choreographer Susan Yeung will also participate via video conference.

The event is free admission (booking recommended at 0577-286980, Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and will be carried out in compliance with ministerial anti-Covid19 regulations.

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