Presentation at the ChiantiBanca Auditorium of the book “TRENTA DI MOTUS” published by “La Conchiglia di Santiago”.

On 21 October 2021 at 11.30 a.m. the Auditorium of ChiantiBanca in Fontebecci will host the presentation of the book “TRENTA DI MOTUS” published by “La Conchiglia di Santiago” and edited by Andrea Mancini, which celebrates thirty years of professional activity in the field of contemporary dance by the Sienese company MOTUS .

The book, in an elegant, strictly black and white typographical layout, features the beautiful photographs of Carlo Pennatini, MOTUS’ official photographer, which alternate with contributions from a number of intellectuals, artists, university professors and others who, over the course of time, in various capacities, have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Company. In the last part of the book there are also brief synopses of over 100 works produced in 30 years of intense activity by the Company, directed by choreographer Simona Cieri, who founded it in 1991 at the Piccolo Teatro in Siena. Since then, the Company, thanks also to the support of the Region of Tuscany, has come a long way, becoming a company of national and international importance, known and respected in many foreign countries: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, India, England, Kosovo, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain and the United States.  The work of the MOTUS company is characterised by its style of dealing with issues of social impact, so much so that it has been identified as “uncomfortable dance” or “civil dance”, and for its many collaborations with artists from various disciplines (music, theatre, video, photography, painting, sculpture, etc.) and with organisations, institutions and associations involved in social issues. In fact, many projects have been created using dance as a tool for social promotion, from those in public schools to those on disabilities, from the commitment in post-conflict scenarios for conflict mitigation to workshops with asylum seekers, from battles against child exploitation to those against gender violence and discrimination. Their commitment and artistic quality have led MOTUS to receive two official appreciations from the President of the Italian Republic for the shows “Iris sotto il mare” and “Della tua carne” and two international awards from critics (TEATARFEST Awards 2006 and 2008).

Basically, thirty years of professional dance in a “stubborn and contrary” direction that have left important traces in the Sienese territory as well, making a large part of the young generations of dancers and teachers who work in Siena today grow, and who will be remembered on 21 October by Livia Cannella, visual artist,  Marcello Flores, historian, writer and university lecturer, Gjergj Prevazi, university lecturer and choreographer, Luciano Tristaino, musician and lecturer at the conservatory, Massimo Vedovelli, university lecturer, as well as the author of the photographs Carlo Pennatini, in the presence of the artistic director of the Company Simona Cieri and representatives of ChiantiBanca, which supported the publication.

The event will be coordinated by Andrea Mancini, editor of the book, and Rosanna Cieri, director of the MOTUS company, in the presence of the press.

As the number of places is limited, booking is advisable by calling 0577 286980 (Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 19:00) or by sending an email to info@motusdanza.it  

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