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Courses at the International Centre for Art

The multiannual professional training course  provides a strong technical and theoretical preparation for dance and art in general. They prepare to entry into the world of work.

During her studies of classical dance and ballet, the young Simona Cieri had a serious accident to one knee due to a wrong postural training. Despite of the physicians’ suggestions, she strongly intended to continue her dance studies. Due to her commitment, she started a period of deep studies of different techniques in dancing, supported by anatomy and physiology applied to dance, and she was able to become a professional dancer. Her experience in finding an optimal set of the dancing body, lead her to elaborate a theory of postural technique on which she then built a new method for dance teaching. The method is also targeted to dancers with physical problems either congenital or derived from a wrong training.

Simona Cieri’s method of dance teaching is protected by copyright, any unauthorized use is forbidden.


The floor bar classes are aimed not only to expert dancers, who can benefit greatly from physical and postural benefits, but also to all those who wish to become more aware of the body and breathing associated with muscle function. The floor bar is an excellent preparation for those who wish to approach the world of dance.

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