MIXMOTUS is born as a summary of the “MOTUS thought”, by the need, that is, to resume in only one show the subjects treated in the previous productions. Carefully avoiding repetitions, but sometimes revisiting and reinterpreting in a new transposition some famous pieces of the company, the show faces some typical matters of the dance […]

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State zitti se potete

KEEP SILENT IF YOU CAN Impudence dominates contemporary society making even the most private feelings  public The reserve, put up to defend our privacy, protects our freedom to open or not our heart to other people and it helps us to keep intact our subjectivity. But everything tends to storm indiscreetly in the more “private” share of us, with […]

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Perché non invitiamo Paolo Conte?

WHY DON’T WE INVITE PAOLO CONTE? The show deal with the subject, already debated, of the artistic creation and the relationships with the market, but it has the fresh tone of something truly experienced.   The starting point is the presentation of the last work of Motus at the choreographer’s home, with the famous singer […]

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Pulcinella is not a mask. It is the mask. It is the shadow where behind we disguise the trouble, the pain of living, but also it is what permits us to survive. It is the character we are forced to act every day, but also the one we chose for ourselves. It is an expressive block and, […]

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Tango as a metaphor of life. Tango to express love, passion, hate, the conflict between sexes, tenderness and violence. Where everybody follows its instinct to come back in rejoining in perfect synchrony with that of the other one. Tango as provocation. Tango of poor people, considered vulgar and prohibited in the salons. But danced by […]

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