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Still We Dream

STILL WE DREAM A MOTUS co-production  for the Choreografic Residency Project 2019 Can society’s perceptions change? “Still We Dream” brings on the scene the pressures and stigmas from society   In a hybrid form of dance physically pushing the performers limits,the piece explores the frailty of the human form and the power of relationships through […]

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INTERFERENZE (Interference)

In physics, “interference” means the interaction between two or more waves, while in the political terminology the same word indicates the abuse of power of an authority in a particular field. In linguistic, “interference” is the overlap of a new meaning of a word among the original one. Therefore, through the mechanism of interference each […]

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Jiak Kantang (eating potatoes in a foreign land )

JIAK KANTANG (eating potatoes in a foreing land) a MOTUS production for  the  Choreografic Residency Project 2019  EUROPA-ASIA Project “Jiak Kantang” is a multi-disciplinary co-devised performance featuring dancer Neo Jia Ling and musician Tan Li Yun Jocelyn. A commonly used slang of Singaporean Hokkien and Malay origin, the phrase “jiak kantang” is literally translated as “eat potato”, […]

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ETYMOS coproduction MOTUS – Fondazione Orizzonti d’Arte   The word, even in its physical sound, participates in the creation or perception of the world and it is logical to ask whether in the contemporary society that moves towards extreme simplification, the true meaning of the words, the one that beyond the term expresses its substance, […]

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  “Prometèo, do you not know that words are medicine for the suffering soul?” The question of Oceanus, in the piece “Prometheus” by Aeschylus, evokes words which are able to ease the pain and comfort. But words can also hurt: “Voices slipped out of heart”. Or they can choke when we are obliged to listen […]

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A MOTUS Company production for “Xtraordinary Female Solos” Festival (Singapore) The little time of one life. The many pages written to give some meaning, the many lights switched on to make the journey as bright as possible. An open book to be left for the future. Choreography and dance Simona Cieri Concept Rosanna Cieri Music Autori […]

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Without hesitation, we trace borders, nourished by fear and suspicion, being careful to keep the distance that guarantees our detachment. We systematically proceed wary, dismembering everything that diverges, revealing coarsely our scorn. In the name of a foolish truth, we justify any cruelty, in order to support our arrogance. We raise walls without even perceiving […]

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Sostantivo Plurale

When changes oblige us to look things from a different perspective, when new arrivals force us to new ideas, when induced fears could take over rationality, our duty is to fight against mediocrity. To be successful, we have to use strong and sophisticated “weapons”, the only ones that can be inclusive and able to embrace. […]

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ARCH is a coproduction MOTUS/Teatro della Comunità in the frame of the MOTUS Project “Artistic Residency” At a first site, this is a genesis of human kind. Two women on stage celebrate an ancient/modern ritual. Their lives, their bodies, shaped by daily work, marked by time and at the same time fresh for their youth, […]

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Dimmi che mi ami

TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME The sense of helplessness and disruption in the contemporary society originates not only from the crisis of an age paralyzed by the shadow of future, but also by a decrease in the perception of reality derived from cushioning of sense, inability in understanding the real value of things and […]

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