Dimmi che mi ami



The sense of helplessness and disruption in the contemporary society originates not only from the crisis of an age paralyzed by the shadow of future, but also by a decrease in the perception of reality derived from cushioning of sense, inability in understanding the real value of things and thus incapacity in meeting ourselves and the heart drivers.

“The era of sad passions” as defined by Spinoza, consumes its subjects, adults as well adolescents, with practices of activism able to guarantee a breathless existence but not sufficient to contain the uncertainty fear and the inability to re-found hope. In this grungy frame, love relationships are at a higher risk: they can become surrogate for missing certainty and they can be used to replace existential needs which cannot be satisfied in other ways.
When the darkest part of the self is marked by familiar conditions of absent, confused or disoriented mothers and fathers, the only possible ideology remains the Other. However, since all society parameters are solely based on market rules, the way in which affective relationships are made, fully reproduces the dynamics of consumption, or for convenience.
The search for love takes the form of a laborious and spasmodic pursuit to reach the ownership of the other, as the only possible outlet for inner conflicts. Such a possession does not accept denials or destabilizations and it often feeds on bullying and violence.


Choreography Simona Cieri
Screenplay Rosanna Cieri
Music Daniele Sepe
Costume design Marco Caboni
With Martina Agricoli, Andrè Alma, Ilaria Fratantuono,

Simona Gori, Mattia Solano

Directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri

1473833_557535654324669_1796998838_n     1488532_557535650991336_2018239860_n      1491164_557535640991337_2059716780_n

Photos by Carlo Pennatini

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