Forever young

Western society is obsessed by the myth of eternal youth
Still a pact with devil as in “Faust” to remain forever young ?




Cosmetic surgery, the latest mania of this new millennium, is seen as a right even if it implies to  go in debt.
Everithing is permitted in order to keep updated.
Time marks the aging of the rich countries’ population where the body is seen as the mirror of desire, as a communication tool, as a means of triggering others’ wishes. And for this rule, it is variable, changeable, transformable, even in a laboratory.
The changes in the cultural and aesthetic canons induced by media, is realized, in the private, in an ambition to die young. Which does not mean to die at a young age, but rather to reach the end of the existence with a looking young body .
Again, the shape wins on the substance.
The same old story of having or being.

Choreography Simona Cieri
Concept Rosanna Cieri
Music Various Authors
Video Simona Cieri
With Martina Agricoli, Maurizio Cannalire, Simona Cieri, Simona Gori, Sara Mancini, Federica Morettini, Riccardo Pardini
Directed by Rosanna e Simona Cieri


martina federica








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