MIXMOTUS is born as a summary of the “MOTUS thought”, by the need, that is, to resume in only one show the subjects treated in the previous productions.


Carefully avoiding repetitions, but sometimes revisiting and reinterpreting in a new transposition some famous pieces of the company, the show faces some typical matters of the dance world and it uses them as the underlying theme to push forward. What happens outside the theatre and the dance hall of the academy, then it enters forcefully inside, until the border between the dance world and that one of the real life vanishes.

With the spoken language and with the gestural one the MOTUS are asking themselves about the meaning of the artistic production, that cannot and must not be a simple technical exhibition, but rather a way to recount and tell about us: it is life that goes on stage. Life of our time, with limits and contradictions, but also life in the absolute sense made by feelings, emotions and questions often without answers.

MIXMOTUS goes on scene with some very important subjects, but they are faced with irony and sarcasm that characterize the whole production of MOTUS made by dramatic moments that continuously are lessened by gags and comic bars. The bystander, also unauthorized person, is taken by hand and politely induced to reflect not as a simple user, but rather as a protagonist of the eternal game of theatre.

Coreography Simona Cieri
Script content and screenplay Rosanna Cieri
Music various authors
Actor Guido Bocci
Costume design Emanuela Bianciardi
Light design Francesco Tagliabue
Musical advice Roberto Nannetti
Directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri

Roberto Nannetti is author of the song Chedolorerap.
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