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In God Absence is not a philosophical work, but above all a clear admission of responsibility.

In the current historical period, the threat of revival religious fanaticism looks even more dangerous than the political fanaticism.
Old dogma and religious salvation come back (with their brigth promises of eternal happiness for the Chosen People, enemies by definition) to find the way to the most uncertain personalities who are not able to live with the risks of free thinking.
Human adventure is exciting but also dramatic, moving but of course not heavenly, and requires commitment.
Could the choice to entrust our own destiny to a God be then a symptom of impotence and little motivation to take over responsibility?
What could happen if humanity end up without any God and be obliged to face reality without trascendent filters?
Above all, humans worry to be forced to find values on which they have to built up a quite cohabitation between different communities and inside the same community, and to draw up ethic rules with shared universal meanings as well as to apply brave choices that could have a strong impact on consolidated inhabits and structured behaviours.
IN GOD ABSENCE   is produced with the contribution of
Tuscany Region and Siena Municipality.

Coreography Simona Cieri
Script content and screenplay Rosanna Cieri
Music autori vari
Costume design Compagnia MOTUS
Video shooting Simona Cieri,   Gino Massari
Video Editing Simona Cieri
Dancers Martina Agricoli, Maurizio Cannalire, Simona Cieri, Simona Gori, Federica Morettini, Riccardo Pardini
Directed by Rosanna e Simona Cieri


processione svestizione-salto 3-suore cervello corvo-1 idoli peccato-originale scimmiette-2 sassolini guerre lager etica peccato-originale2 kamikaze kamikaze2


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