Di terra e d’aria


Ground is birth and corporeity. Air is flight and dream.
Opposite elements. The first means concreteness , while the second is a whish.

muro di terra e d'aria

From the ground man builds his home, but he raises it to the sky, place of air.
With ground he delimits sections of irregular space confining the air with dimensions and shapes. He creates urban areas, with towers and buildings, churches and houses, squares and streets: a swing of voids and tanks that always sways between earth and air.
Pendulum stretched between two energies faced to opposite directions.
As a thought, forever hard-fought between recalls to tangibility and desire of richly imagination, between reality and dream vision.
Man that is earthly animal, indissolubly bound to monkeys and reptiles, for having not dared fly off of bird, and for that reason condemned to wish the wings.

Choreography Simona Cieri
Subject, script content and screenplay Rosanna Cieri
Actor Nicola Parisotto
Music various artist
Costume design Mirko Bolognesi
Light design Massimo Falchi
Technical assistance Maurizio Tiberio
Dancers Marco Batti, Mirko Bolognesi, Maurizio Cannalire, Simona Cieri, Simona Gori, Sara Mancini, Giulia Pieraccini, Clara Sonnati, Linda Di Pietro, Federica Morettini
Directed by Rosanna and Simona Cieri

moschine-di-terra                    gruppo1-di-terra                    albero1-di-terra

gruppo2-di-terra                    sesso-di-terra                    albero2-di-terra

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