Della tua carne








The power of incapables is built on death and extermination. Terror plays its macabre concert with screaming, agony laments, pain shouts.
Guilt payment legitimates barbarity.
I could not bend your mind, but when everything is over, I will massacre your flesh.

” No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman
or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article V of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights , 1948
Signed by 154 countries

DELLA TUA CARNE   is a MOTUS production
in collaboration with Derek Rocco Barnabei Foundation
with the contribution of Tuscany Region and Siena City



On 14 September 2000 the young italian-american Derek Rocco Barnabei is put to death. He is 33 years old.
The condemn to death was decided by the tribunal of Virginia that retains him guilty for the homicide of his girl friend Sarah Wisnovsky on September 1993. Derek has been in jail seven years, trying to demonstrate his innocence.
«I am innocent… At the end the truth will come out: continue my fight». This are his last words.

MOTUS dedicates this performance to Derek an to his strong fight to denounce the atrocity of death penalty





Choreography Simona Cieri
Subject and screenplay Rosanna Cieri
Music various authors
Costume Compagnia MOTUS
Dancers Veronica Abate, Martina Agricoli, Maurizio Cannalire,  Simona Gori, Federica Morettini, Riccardo Pardini and Simona Cieri
Directed by Rosanna and  Simona Cieri


_mg_0431                    lavaggio                    derek

diritti-in-bilico                    img_7569                    img_7035

img_7583                    vittime-e-carnefici-maffy                    vittime-e-carnefici


Photo: Carlo Pennatini


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