Press release TEATARFEST (May 2006)

“MOTUS dance, senesis company directed by Simona Cieri and resident in the Municipal Theatre Rinnovati in Siena, was awarded the International Prize TEATARFEST 2006 with the show AQVA, a multimedia work made of video and dance, that faces the problem of the water resource. The show was produced with the contribution of the Tuscany Region and of the Siena City in collaboration with VISIONARIA and the UNICEF.
Since years the company is active in promoting a project of European integration in Est European countries and, in particular, in the countries belonging to ex Yugoslavia. The first of May the company, for the third consecutive year, had a tour in Bosnia & Hercegovina and participated to the 2006 edition of the International festival TEATARFEST, performing in the Youth Theatre of Sarajevo, and in the National Theatre of Zenica (the bigger theatre of the whole Bosnia).
The jury of the Festival, composed by critics and artistic directors of various theatres, judged the work of MOTUS particularly deserving the prize due to the study and the care of the interactions between video and dance.”

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